Auckland retiree wants to sell to first-home buyer

Pics 27/02/2017
An Auckland retiree has specified he'd like to sell his home to a first-time buyer - along with all the whiteware, crockery and buckets of fresh paint.
Barry Milne, an 84-year-old widower, raised his family in the three-bedroom home and hopes someone else will do the same. He's opening the next chapter of his life - moving into a retirement home - and " doesn’t need to make a large profit" from the sale.
"I don't follow real estate much, but you see a lot of good places where the developers get them first," he said.
"I thought instead, there might be a young family that I could help get started."
The house is in the suburb of Birkdale, which borders Beach Haven and Northcote on Auckland's North Shore.
It's a suburb slightly more affordable for first-home buyers - by Auckland standards, that is.
The Barfoot & Thompson suburb report in July 2016 found the average sale price of a three-bedroom home in Birkdale was $751,211, compared to the average Auckland house price, which was $906,827 for a similar property. 
Mr Milne says the home needs some work, which is when those tins of paint will come in handy.
The vendor has even penned a poem, which is published in the online real estate ad. 
Here is a little treat for you
If you're looking for your first home.
I've been here almost 50 years,
where I've watched my family grow.
Now I'd like to pass on to you,
A very special opportunity
This home could be yours now,
It has been very dear to me!
I'd like to know this will be your first home too!
As it was for me.
I'd like to gift you some paint and appliances
And even all my crockery!
Nothing would make me happier,
Than to make your dreams come true.
All of mine have been fulfilled here,
And I am sure yours will be too!
The home has a pool, as well as plenty of fruit trees planted by Mr Milne's late wife. 
Buyers cannot legally be vetted, but Mr Milne will make a decision based on personal letters sent by potential buyers.
Photo Credit: Ray White