Mum sends son huge 'care package' filled with rubbish he didn't take out

Pics 21/02/2017
This university student was left bitterly dissapointed after opening a care package from his Mum.
Connor Cox left home to attend University after a long Christmas break, shortly after returning to his studies he got a parcel from his mum in the mail. He was over the moon to receive what he thought was a care package, only to find the box was packed with rubbish instead.
“Thought my mum was sending me a care package... but instead she sent me a box of trash I was supposed to take out.” Connor wrote on Twitter.
Apparently, Connor and his mum had come to an agreement over the break that he would help out around the house. Connor didn't hold up his end of the bargain and clearly thought that he was off the hook, but his mum had the last laugh this time!
Connor's sister replied to his message on Twitter saying that their mother was "very proud of herself".
Source: MummyPages