This Dad is showing off his parenting with these hilarious family jokes

Pics 01/02/2017
James Breakwell is a dad to four daughters under the age of 7. Being a parent can be a struggle at the best of times, but being a dad to 4 young girls who never stop talking is daunting.

This dad has decided to flip around what could be a scary and confusing time for him, into a hilarious Twitter account full of hilarious life lessons his daughters gives him.
Using social media has also helped Breakwell learn some things about himself as a parent and about families in general. James told A Plus "Tweeting about my family has made me realise that everyone has weird kids. No matter how absurd my story, there's sure to be at least one person who comments that their kid did the exact same thing."

He found that his best jokes came from real-life inspiration. Since he is always around his kids and family, they made for the best jokes, which his wife is completely fine with.