Win with Body Synergy!

Brad has had an amazing Christmas break, enjoying all of the festive food and beverages which are part and parcel with Christmas... Haven't we all! 
Ricky and the team at Body Synergy have presented Brad with a unique opportunity and we want you to join him! 
Follow Brad's journey as he takes on a 4 week Personal Training Challenge with Ricky and the team at Body Synergy! 
Feeling like you want to shake up your fitness regime for 2017, you could be joining Brad! Simply by registering below, you could win your own 4 Week Personal Training Package, catering to your health and fitness needs.  
For more info on what Body Synergy is all about go here:
For your chance to win an amazing 4 Week Personal Training Package, listen out to Brad on More FM's Workplace Social Club to follow his fitness journey and register below to win!