The worst responses to send in a work email

Jase & Jay-Jay 30/08/2018

Want to know what will really get on your workmate's nerves?

A new study by Adobe has revealed the commonly-used email phrases that annoy people the most. More than 1000 people who work 'white collar jobs' were surveyed about their email habits and preferences.

The results found that one phrase in particular seems to irritate people the most: 'Not sure if you saw my last email'. Typically used in follow-up messages after initial attempts have gone ignored, a huge 25 percent of the survey respondents said the use of the sentence annoyed them.

The second most hated phrase was 'Per my last email', which 13 percent of respondents said they found irritating. The similar phrase 'Per our conversation' came in at number three.

As well as their least favourite phrases, study participants were also asked about the email behaviour they disliked the most. Approximately 45 percent said they were most annoyed by people who sent too many emails.

Around 33 percent of respondents said they became irritated when they received email recommendations for products they had no interest in.

A further 22 percent said they didn't like receiving email offers or coupons that were already expired, and 17 percent said they hated seeing their name spelled incorrectly by the sender.

Email was the top mode of workplace communication for 31 percent of participants, yet the same number said they preferred with their colleagues in person.

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