Morgan from Blenheim is Jase & Jay-Jay's third Jingle Bail nominee

More FM Jingle Bail 23/11/2018

Growing up, Morgan's mum said he was always a lot shorter for his age, but it wasn't until he turned 11 that they noticed that Morgan started walking with a limp and he said he was experiencing a lot of pain in his legs.

After 18 months bouncing around different specialists, he was told that he had Purthes of the right hip. After 2 whole years believing that Purthes was the cause of his pain, he still wasn't healing a broke both of his arms without any reason.

Morgan endured an uncountable amount of MRI, X-rays, CT Scans and blood tests before finally, at 14, he discovered he has a form of skeletal dysplasia. Once he stops growing, both of his hips will need to be replaced and he will also need an operation to remove loose bone fragments in his elbows. 

The skeletal dysplasia affects Morgan's back, knees, hips, elbows and height.

Morgan's is the third nominee for Jase & Jay-Jay's #MoreJingleBail and before he can go, Jase & Jay-Jay need to raise a Jingle Bail so that they can get Morgan, and other deserving kids, away on a trip of a lifetime.