What do our names taste like?

Jase & Jay-Jay 11/02/2019

Ever wondered what your name tastes like?

Julie McDowall, from Glasgow, Scotland, has the ability to "taste" people's names thanks to her unusual condition.

Called synesthesia, Julie's sensory systems are more entwined than normal and she can join objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people's names with a sensory perception like smell, colour or flavour.

We got her to analyse Jay-Jay, Jase and Producer Todd's name, as well as a couple of big named Kiwis like Jacinda Ardern, Beauden Barrett and Anika Moa's.

What does your name taste like? Check out the full list below:

Aaron - a state chocolate bar

Adrian - an Aero bar

Amelia - muesli

Amy - a packet of raw bacon strips 

Benjamin - a combination of ginger and the clear plastic handle of a screwdriver.

Brandon/Brent - flat Coke

Brian - little shreds of coconut

Charlotte - raspberry lollipop

Danielle - spaghetti hoops

Donald - rubber duck dipped in vinegar

Duncan - smoky bacon crisp burp

Erin - cola-flavoured boiled sweet which has been dusted in cocoa powder

Gavin - smooth, silky vinegar

Georgia - a big fat ball of wool 

Grace - a soft turnip in vegetable soup

Graham - cold stew

Hannah - a tasteless banana

Jamie -  rain on a window pain.

Jeanne - salty pea soup

Jesus - Maltesers

Julie - watering eyeballs.

Joe - leathery, chunky button on an old man's cardigan.

Katie - Madeira cake

Keith - minty chewing gum

Lee/Leah - custard

Lindsey - a cold can of Lilt

Louise - soft toffee 

Lucy - bag of strawberry laces 

Madison - ear wax with chocolate

Mia - rice pudding

Millicent - a bowl of lightly-browned mince

Nick/Nicole - a biscuit dipped in vinegar

Oliver/Olivia - watery, tasteless onion

Paul - the fondant inside a Creme Egg 

Rebecca - shortbread 

Ross - Gregg's sausage roll

Robert - a gnome's head and biting it shows it is full of strawberry fondant.

Sam - tuna

Sandra - a green Polo fruit sweet

Scott - a Rich Tea biscuit.

Sean - a mouthful of furniture polish

Sebastian - lovely, soft caramel

Shane - furniture polish

Sharon - A stale Cadbury's Flake

Timmy - a fizzy Refreshers sweet

Wendy - watered-down orange juice

Julie - watering eyeballs