Lana & Jase's exclusive reveal on Monopoly's new tokens

Lana & Jase 17/03/2017

The classic Monopoly has changed the way it plays the game with some of the iconic tokens replaced for the newest generation.

No one is going to be fighting over who is handed the wheelbarrow anymore.

The new generation of Monolopy has seen people around the world vote for which new tokens should make it around the board, with three classic icons now cut from the game.

The Thimble, The Boot and the Wheelbarrow tokens have been replaced after it failed to gather enough votes in a worldwide 'Monopoly Token Madness' poll.

Instead, they are to be replaced with the new T-Rex, Rubber Ducky and Penguin tokens.

More than 4.3 million votes were counted up as people chose between 64 different game token contenders - with only the 8 most voted making it to the board.

The existing Scottie dog, top hat, car, cat and battleship tokens will make their reappearance in the new generation Monopoly.