Lana attempts to use the power of magic to read your mind!

Lana & Jase 21/04/2017

"It's Lana's Amazing Magic Show-ah!" 

In the first installment of Lana's Amazing Magic Show-ah, Lana will attempt to read your mind, all you have to do is some basic math...

  1. Think of any number between 10 and 99
  2. Add your 2 digits together to get a smaller number. For example, if your number is was 21 you'd go 2 + 1 = 3
  3. Subtract your smaller number from your original number. For example, 3 - 21 = 19
  4. Use that number to find the corrosponding emoji 
Lana will now use her magical powers to read your mind and guess which emoji you chose. Since you chose the number yourself, there's NO way she could know... Right?
See if Lana can read your mind in the video above.