Pauline checks in before her life-changing transformation surgery

Lana & Jase 09/06/2017

Pauline and her hubby are off to Thailand in a couple of days!

She lost 70kgs in the last two years, but she still wants to finish her transformation with surgery, looking to get rid of the excess skin from her arms. 

After hearing her story, V Plast Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Centre was so touched that they have decided to come on board and treat Pauline to the surgery on her arms in Pattaya Thailand. 

V Plast have generously offered to fly Pauline and her husband to Thailand and provide her with a true ‘Medical Tourism Package’: flights, hotel, phone sim, transfers, Thai experience, plus surgery.

How does she feel getting ready for her trip? Lana & Jase check in with her just before she heads out for her big transformation.

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