Watch the massive mess a 465kg pumpkin dropping from a helicopter looks like

Manawatu 07/04/2022

The media dubbed this the "radio stunt" that "went wrong".

Farmer Luke, who is a regular caller known has been known for his massive pumpkin growing skills, came to More FM Manawatu with a wish - what would it look like for a giant 456kg pumpkin to be dropped from a helicopter?

So, from a paddock in Bulls, our Mike West set up a giant grid target for the pumpkin to drop from 300 metres, with help from Alix and Doug at Tararua Heliwork, and video from local Rob Edwards.

But before the pumpkin could make it to the special "drop zone", the pumpkin slipped from the clamp it was held in, prematurely dropping and making a bit of a mess on the nearby utes in the area.

However, it still made for one SPECTACULAR video!

And don't worry - pumpkins this size aren't edible and don't taste that good, so it was put to a better use.

Watch our mate Mike West chat to The Project NZ about the massive pumpkin drop fail: