Is it okay to eat toaster-cooked steak?

Jay-Jay & Flynny 13/11/2020

Have you seen the TikTok video of the woman cooking steak in a toaster?

TikTok user Juliette uploaded a video this week which claims to show "how to cook a steak".

In the video, which has had more than 4 million views, Juliette places two scotch fillets into an upright toaster, and puts them down to 'cook'.

When the steaks are browned on the outside, she removes them, covers them in an overwhelming amount of barbecue sauce, and nonchalently tears it off the fork.

We were sceptical - but we had to give it a go in our work kitchen (using the superior 'Flynny's Royal Rub' rather than mediocre BBQ sauce.)

See the original TikTok below: