Jay-Jay & Flynny speak up against body-shaming and sexist comments

Jay-Jay & Flynny 28/06/2021

Jay-Jay was tagged in a LinkedIn post over the weekend, where a group of men around a table called Jay-Jay a 'fat d**e' and criticised her past relationship with Minou.

While we have learnt to put up with the hate comments as part of our jobs - why do we have to battle against stupid, hateful comments?

Whether it's about looks, orientation or age, none of it should matter.

Read the LinkedIn post here, and Jay-Jay's response below:

Jay-Jay's response:

Thanks for writing this. It does amuse me. Because what if I was a lesbian? Is that a problem? According to the homophobic people at your table, it is. And I get that I'm slightly overweight (and it looks worse on video) but does that make me unworthy of having my own experiences and opinions? And for the record, my boyfriend is from Algeria (North Africa) and if anyone has a problem with the age gap, then they are also ageist. Because he doesn't have a problem with it, and I certainly don't. Obviously, the people at your table have never been desirable to the younger sex, or they would understand that it's actually about a connection, rather than age.
Thank you for sticking up for me Kristy.
I'm concerned that this kind of judgemental talk goes on these days, but I do not worry what people have to say about me, because I don't care. I don't need everyone to like me. There are people that I don't like either, and they can't change my opinion about that, just like I can't change their opinions about me.
But it's great to call out people for putting people down for what's on the outside.
However, the way things are going, I doubt much will change unfortunately.
Thank you.
Jay-Jay Feeney - the fat, lesbian, cougar.