Charlie Puth is impressed by super fan Traffic Guy Ben discussing albums and fashion

Jay-Jay & Flynny 25/01/2022

It's the most wholesome interview interaction we've seen in a long time!

Traffic Guy Ben from our office (you may remember him from Flynny's fright fight with the traffic department) is a massive Charlie Puth fan.

So big, that he thinks Charlie Puth's last album 'Voicenotes' "is one of the greatest albums of all time." Big call! 

So we decided to give Traffic Guy Ben a couple of minutes to ask questions to Charlie on the day he released his newest song 'Light Switch'.

"I'm sorry for making you and so many people wait for it, but you know you need things to sound perfect," Charlie said about 'Light Switch'.

I try to make music that can move you.

Ben also took the time to ask Charlie about his fashion inspiration, where he cited late 90's R&B star Aaliyah as one of his biggest influences.

"I'm very much inspired by what she would wear in the late nineties like 1998, all Tommy Hilfiger, very baggy clothes."

"I'm a pretty in-shape guy, but I hate form-fitting clothes. I really, really just like wearing the baggier the jeans the better. Like, you can't really tell what you know what I look like."

"And I also prefer Isabel Marant, like female designers. I'm just inspired by clothes made for females, and everything is so unisex nowadays."

"I have more female pairs of jeans than I do male. And now it just doesn't even matter."

We also convinced Charlie to record a line for Ben's traffic report. So if you see a crash, keep in mind what Charlie Puth has to say!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video with Charlie Puth below: