Flynny's exclusive interview with Jay-Jay's new young boyfriend

Jay-Jay & Flynny 18/01/2022

Jay-Jay's "flatmate" we all knew was something more than a "flatmate" was officially revealed as Jay-Jay's new summer love in a recent edition of the NZ Woman's Day!

Jay-Jay has yet to reveal the name of her boyfriend, but we know that he's a young, tall lad who is 27 years old, and lived with Jay-Jay throughout the Auckland lockdown which started back in August. Jay-Jay says he's shy, and wants to keep his life private, which we respect.

But while the magazine got the scoop from Jay-Jay, Flynny had to get the real story from Jay-Jay's new boyfriend. So we present to you this exclusive, first-ever interview with the "mysterious" man himself.

From first attractions to the impressions from his friends and late-night antics, Flynny discusses it all!