Flynny battles Rog from The Rock in The Great Kiwi Laugh-Off

Jay-Jay & Flynny 25/02/2022

After we asked our listeners who had the best laugh in New Zealand, fellow radio announcer and 'Big Dog' of our sister station The Rock, Roger Farrelly, came on air to challenge our Flynny to a duel. But not just any duel, a laugh-off.

Rog, who works on The Morning Rumble, has been well-known for his distinct lingering laugh over many morning radio breaks. And our Flynny is recognisable for his signature wheeze and snort combination.

But there can be only one champion laugh to echo over them all. 

It's the Battle of the Bellows. The Jest of Radio Jesters. The Crusade of the Cacklers.

Flynny vs Roger Farrelly from The Rock - who will win?