Ed Sheeran on his "big year of music" and two albums planned for 2022

Jay-Jay & Flynny 16/03/2022

This year will be the year of music for Ed Sheeran!

On the day of his Mathematics tour announcement for New Zealand, Ed Sheeran chats to Jay-Jay & Flynny about the love for his daughter Lyla, whether or not she'll move into the world of music, and more excitingly, the plan for more music this year!

"I've got a lot of music coming this year. I've got 2 full albums coming this year and lots and lots of collaborations," the singer shares, referencing his most recent song 'Bam Bam' with Camila Cabello.

I'm basically like, 'This is my year to just have an onslaught of music.'

"I'm making whatever I want and releasing it. This is just the year to have fun."

Watch the first half of Ed Sheeran's interview with Jay-Jay & Flynny.