Ed Sheeran teases the big 'financial risk' his upcoming tour will have

Jay-Jay & Flynny 16/03/2022

Ed Sheeran's taking a few risks on his upcoming +–=÷xTour in 2023! 

The singer, who has announced he's returning to New Zealand for two shows in 2023, has already been working on his vision for his world tour when he was finishing his '÷' tour in Ipswitch.

"Now, the other thing that really excites me about this tour is that you're playing in the round, so you're going to be in the middle of the stadium," Flynny says to Ed Sheeran. "Even though it's in a stadium, is that do you think that's going to make it even more intimate?"

"It's not like an uncommon thing to do in the round, but there's always sightlines blocked. There's always like a speaker here and you have to, you have to block the sightline and people don't sit here," tells Ed Sheeran.

"So I was like, we should find a way to do it in the round where everyone sees there's not a single point where no one sees."

"So yeah, they've come up with this stage and- I won't spoil too much because there's lots that it can do."

But it's, it's a big, big financial risk. Basically it's incredible.

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