Mitch James on the fun of making music in America and filming music video for 'History'

Jay-Jay & Flynny 11/03/2022

Kiwi singer/songwriter Mitch James is excited to release new music with a new sound, starting with his latest track 'History'.

"I feel like I try to make every song real to what the situation was," Mitch James told Jay-Jay & Flynny.

"And with this situation and the person I wrote it about;  when I wrote it was a very fun and amazing time in my life."

I feel like the song kind of reflects that and sort of the energy around this relationship.

Mitch James teased that he's taking directorial control for his 'History' music video, which is taking place in Las Vegas.

"Basically, the idea was originally the song is about a girl, and I was going to bring this girl on like a big old trip of America, like, 'Hey, you want to be in the video?'"

"And then we had some logistical issues. So, yeah, basically, I'm doing it myself now."

‘History’ is the first taste of Mitch’s forthcoming album - due for release later this year 

Listen to Mitch James's song 'History' below.