It's time people stop saying how men and women should grow their hair

Jay-Jay & Flynny 08/06/2022

Jay-Jay's fed up with people commenting about the length of her hair.

Chatting with a female friend of hers recently, who also had short hair, the two had chatted about the constant comments they get from people who think their hair should be longer because they're women.

"I find it so interesting that people feel they can tell you you should grow your hair. They say it to me. They say it to my friend I was talking to. 'You should grow your hair.' Why? Why should I grow my hair?

I don't like my hair long. I don't suit my hair long. Why should I grow my hair?

The comments are only worse when they tell Jay-Jay that her short haircut is "like a lesbian."

"Does it mean to be an insult or something?"

Listen to Jay-Jay's full passionate rant above.