The best wine to match NZ's most iconic chips flavours

Jay-Jay & Flynny 08/06/2022

We used to think there was no ultimate pairing like wine and cheese. But have you ever considered substituting out the cheese for a packet of chips?

Yvonne Lorkin, the Chief Wine Tasting Officer from has us convinced that the greatest food match is Wine and Chips - and she's got the perfect pairing for each chip flavour.

Bluebird Original Salt & Vinegar Chips

Pair with: a sweet Riesling or Moscato

When it comes to wine, scientific experiments have proven that you want something a little bit sweet with the old vinegary, salty character. So go for a sweet Riesling. That is a really good one from Giesens in the supermarket. And if you want to know if it's sweet, just look at the alcohol content. If it's under 12%, the wine is going to be sweet.

Burger Rings

Pair with: a Sauvignon Blanc

Some might say that it's not a chip because it's a corn snack but I think it's a chip. And because they have that kind of tomatoey sugary sort of tangy goodness, they're amazing with sauvignon blanc because sauvignon blanc is amazing with tomatoey things.

Grain Waves Honey Mustard

Pair with: a Pinot Gris

Mustardy, honey, grainy goodness of the Grain Waves are amazing with Pinot Gris. That kind of Quincy spicy Pinot Gris. Really good with it.

Pringles Original

Pair with: Champagne

They don't need to be choosy with the flavours; go a champagne. They're like the oyster of the chip world. The Pringles original, it's classy! So, you know, good sparkling Methode champagne or even a Carba or a perky prosecco. 

Countdown Chicken Chips

Pair with: Chardonnay

The cheaper the better! So go the Countdown ones, they're so nice. I always think 'roast chook + chardonnay' - all day, ev'ry day. Do the Chardonnay with the Countdown Chicken Chips.