How Luca George's flat situation didn't 'Ruin My Life' and became a new song

Jay-Jay & Flynny 22/07/2022

Young Kiwi singer-songwriter Luca George is already one of Jay-Jay's favourites. Following up his two first singles, 'Lonely Tonight' and 'Somebody New', the 19-year-old has released his newest track 'Ruin My Life', inspired by an awkward situation with someone he flats with.

"It's basically about the straight guy that I fell in love with, who I constantly live with, and there's nothing I can do about it," the Wellington-based singer explained.

"Wait!" Jay-Jay interrupted. "Your straight flatmate, who you've got the hots for, but he obviously he's not interested in you?"

"Yeah, so I can't do that," Luca admitted.

Instead of, like, becoming, like, insanely upset about it, I just put it into music and it's created a super special song to me that I've just created this music video for. And yeah, it's all out.

Despite his tragic modern tale of love that may never be, Luca George does keep himself busy with his blossoming music career and alternative side hustle, The Indoor Florist.

But his musical influence does help "grow" his seedlings.

"Oh, my God. So when I first started getting into plants, I was, like, germinating like tomatoes, and it was really random. But I went on to like, GarageBand and made this like loop, and it was like 'grow grow grow...'"

"It was so dumb. And I literally played it for hours and mum used to, like, scream at me."

"But yeah, I swore, like it created the best tasting tomatoes of all time."

We love an artist whose music helps makes broken hearts and plants thrive!

Listen out for Luca George's new music video for his latest single 'Ruin My Life' on More FM's Wired (sponsored by New Zealand On Air) or watch his music video below.