Want your working life to be more flexible? Here’s how:

Jay-Jay & Flynny 13/07/2022

Over the past couple of years, our working lives have been turned upside down, but did you know that you can LEGALLY request flexible working from your job. 

Jason Ennor from MyHR joined Jay Jay & Flynny to explain the ‘sneaky little thing’ not very many of us know about. 

It's amazing. It's been law since 2015 in New Zealand.

Ennor went on to explain this covers both flexible working hours and flexible working locations, even temporary or permanent. 

So with the school holidays, you’re totally within your right to request a temporary change to your working hour or location. 

employees have a statutory right to request flexible working, and employers have a duty to consider that. What it means is they have to formally consider it and reply within writing inside a month, and there's a list of reasons why they can decline. So you have to be really clear. If you do decline, why you're declining it

This all kicks in from your first day of employment, so even from day one, you can start having these conversations. 

We know what you're thinking… too good to be true, well Jay-Jay asked: “What about if the boss just writes you back and says, Forget about it! It’s in your contract to work 9 to 5”

Well, they can't JUST say no. There's a list of commercially justifiable reasons why the request can be denied, but your boss can't just say “no” without reason. 

They have to present their reasons. And I think what's interesting now around workplace flexibility is if you've just come out of two years of everyone working from home and your business has done pretty well, it's a little bit hard to justify a ‘no’ response

If you want to find out more about the ‘Flexible Working’ policy in NZ, Employment New Zealand is the place to go according to Ennor. There are sets of fact sheets and guides around what you do, how you ask and even a form to fill in to help you get started writing your request letter to your boss. 


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