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Tune into Nights with Joe from 7th December to 20th December to be in to win daily luxurious Snowberry skin care prize packs! These are comprised of 10x of the brand new So Easy Makeup Removers plus Snowberry’s world-renowned New Radiance Face Serum, valued at $69 each!

Just in time for Xmas, Snowberry has created a bonanza of exciting new products: So Easy Makeup Remover; Sweet Dreams Night Cream and Pure Smoothie Moisturiser.

So Easy Makeup Remover

  • Many makeup removers contain aggressive ingredients that are not good for skin. However, like all Snowberry cleansers, the So Easy Makeup Remover is designed not to interfere with your skin’s natural pH. Crucially important for radiant skin, at any age.

Sweet Dreams Night Cream and Pure Smoothie Moisturiser

  • Really good day and night creams should help to build the skin’s natural barrier, and calm the skin. That’s what the new Sweet Dreams Night Cream and the Pure Smoothie Moisturiser do!

Radiance Face Serum

  • Only Snowberry’s New Radiance Face Serum with CuPEP and Intensive Renewal Face Serum with eProlex, contain the world-first peptides that are essential for more radiant skin.

Snowberry is unique in proving anti-ageing skincare effectiveness to the only standard accepted by dermatologists – through the gold standard clinical trial.

Snowberry offers a unique guarantee – see the Snowberry glow – or money back.

Give skin care this Xmas that will really make a difference! Check out their products at all leading retailers and

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