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Foley's Gabe explains how competition helped form the Kiwi band

Sorry to those "terrible bands"!


Alae's Alex on how they put five directors together for one music video

A music video first for NZ?


Thomston talks about London and LA life, and surprising helium facts

On the back of his new EP set 'LA' and 'London', Thomston dropped by the studio to talk about Wikipedia facts, competitive eating and more.


Kiwi singer Harry Parsons on his musical family and healthy complicated relationships

Cambridge born singer Harry Parsons has grown up from his Jazz-Folk music family into taking the NZ music scene with his newest song 'Complicate'.


Kiwi singer Navvy still keeps her cheating ex in her band

Navvy is one awesome lady!


Niko Walters talks about sibling "rivalry" with his Six60's brother Matiu

Between singer-songwriter Niko Walters and Six60's lead singer Matiu Walters, you would wonder if there is sibling rivalry between the two brothers...


Joe's dogs almost derail her interview with Lepani

Kiwi singer Lepani has a 'Pocketful of Sunshine', a love of all things superhero, and a cracked phone screen thanks to a volleyball team.


Singer Sally shares her worst, horribly awkward break-up

It's all about timing!


Shayna shares her current crushes and filming in Vanuatu

Kiwi singer Shayna is back on the scene with a new song, and a fun and exotic music video for her track 'I Know'.


Alex from Alae talks Homegrown, yoga noises and maintaining a beard

Alae are back in studio to chat about their new song and newest experiences.


Bebe Rexha shares how chocolate cake inspired her latest single

Now that's a song we can relate with!


How Nouri travelled from Syria, to NZ, to international popularity overseas

LA-based, Kiwi-raised singer Nouri is back in NZ to share her love for her hometown.