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Harper Finn on having music in his blood and his spirit animal

Jeanswest, Kelly Tarltons and so much more!


Cassie Henderson talks post-X Factor NZ and releasing new music

Cassie Henderson may be a name familiar to you, but things have changed in the 7 years since she was last seen on the season one X Factor NZ stage.


Ash from Foley shares video call etiquettes and music zooms

Ash and her Foley partner-in-crime Gabe have been busy in their lockdown bubbles writing new music, but she's itchy to get out to show some new stuff!


Georgia Lines shares her isolation survival and latest song 'Same Things'

Kiwi singer Georgia Lines is back with a new single 'Same Things', which has not been the case at home while she's been in lockdown.


Joe chats with Dual about it's beginnings and creativity in isolation

Maurice from Dual chats with Joe about the eve of the Alert 4 lockdown, birthing music, and what to expect in the future.


Navvy chats about green hair and London crowds

Singer Navvy is back with a new song, a new haircut and a new upcoming tour, but something is missing...


Thomas Oliver on writing with Mitch James and the 'perfect metaphor'

Europe-based Kiwi musician Thomas Oliver chats to our Joe about teaming up with fellow songwriter Mitch James for his new single 'Coffee'


Foley's Gabe explains how competition helped form the Kiwi band

Sorry to those "terrible bands"!


Alae's Alex on how they put five directors together for one music video

A music video first for NZ?


Thomston talks about London and LA life, and surprising helium facts

On the back of his new EP set 'LA' and 'London', Thomston dropped by the studio to talk about Wikipedia facts, competitive eating and more.


Kiwi singer Harry Parsons on his musical family and healthy complicated relationships

Cambridge born singer Harry Parsons has grown up from his Jazz-Folk music family into taking the NZ music scene with his newest song 'Complicate'.


Kiwi singer Navvy still keeps her cheating ex in her band

Navvy is one awesome lady!