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Shayna shares her current crushes and filming in Vanuatu

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Bebe Rexha shares how chocolate cake inspired her latest single

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How Nouri travelled from Syria, to NZ, to international popularity overseas

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Kaylee Bell talks about writing songs in Nashville and her connection with Keith Urban

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Savage shares the unusual thing he misses most about NZ

Kiwi rap legend Savage is returning to NZ for Homegrown - and he has already planned the first thing he'll do when he gets here!


Did George Ezra really slip a burp in his hit song 'Shotgun'?

It's time to put the rumours to rest with George Ezra!


George Ezra shares his experience with fairy bread and 'Shotgun' rules

Has fairy bread become a staple snack for George Ezra?


Broods discuss the battles of Hollywood with new album

Georgia and Caleb Nott have returned to NZ to talk about their brand new album 'Don't Feed the Pop Monster'.


The secret behind Alae's 'Henry St' debut album artwork

Joe did some digging to find out the mysterious artist behind the cover work...


Openside explain the meaning behind their mysterious series 'Episode 1'

George and Possum from the Kiwi band Openside explain the meaning behind their latest release.


The curious way Vince Harder was asked to open for Ed Sheeran's show

Vincer Harder has been able to tour with some impressive people in the past few years.