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Kiwi singer Georgia Lines on connecting with musicians and Zoom songwriting

Collaborations formed between musicians aren't done in a way most songwriters are used to!


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From Joni Mitchell to Marvin Gaye, we chat to Kiwi singer/songwriter Louis Baker!


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Meet NZ's next power couple in music!


Cassie Henderson on making music in 2020 and life after X Factor NZ

Since appearing on TV as a 14-year-old, she's now found creative success in producing more music than ever before in 2020.


Mikey Dam explains "Time," anxieties and the best Christmas meal

Kiwi singer-songwriter Mikey Dan joins us in the studio to chat about his latest song,


Kiwi band Dual explains the awkward phases (and sounds) of a relationship

Maurice and Jamie from Kiwi band Dual visit our studios!


Navvy plays a few rounds of the 'Somebody Else' song game

Navvy visits the studio to chat about her dabbling in lockdown activities.


Lepani on dogs, fast food songs and plans after 'In The Moment'

Lepani joined Joe in studio (pre Lockdown 2.0) where we celebrated the release of his new EP, and how music (and this interview) have changed.


Paige on 'Always Growing' and being noticed by some of the world's biggest artists

The Kiwi singer-songwriter is doing big things, and getting recognised by some big names!


Harper Finn on having music in his blood and his spirit animal

Jeanswest, Kelly Tarltons and so much more!


Cassie Henderson talks post-X Factor NZ and releasing new music

Cassie Henderson may be a name familiar to you, but things have changed in the 7 years since she was last seen on the season one X Factor NZ stage.


Ash from Foley shares video call etiquettes and music zooms

Ash and her Foley partner-in-crime Gabe have been busy in their lockdown bubbles writing new music, but she's itchy to get out to show some new stuff!