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The Breakfast Club help Teddy Swims surprise one Christchurch School during assembly
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club help Teddy Swims surprise one Christchurch School during assembly

Is it too early to claim Teddy as one of our own?
5 July 2024 3:03PM

Ahead of his New Zealand concert tour in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, international artist Teddy Swims joined More FM to surprise one lucky High School in Canterbury.

Students packed into the hall, where a sign reading 'Teddy Swims Live' was revealed. After the kids got past their absolute disbelief, they gave Teddy and his band the hugest, most excited welcome.

Teddy performed his well-known song 'Lose Control', followed by his most recent song 'The Door', and then soon took questions from students.

Amidst the frenzy for photos, one student even asked Teddy about his favourite colour, to which he responded “Pink. They used to say only girls like pink, but I like girls”

After his performance, Teddy told Speedy and Bondy from The Breakfast Club how crazy it was for him to see the levels of fandom on display at the school.

Teddy expressed his appreciation for New Zealand, recalling how the Kiwis showed him love at the start, especially after his first cover of Michael Jackson in 2019.

“My pianist JJ had to sprint to the van – they all chased him. It reminded me of how we were about the Jonas Brothers when I was their age.”

“That was like my first ever audience, right here in New Zealand. This is my favourite place in the world because of that.”

Teddy also discussed Tall Poppy Syndrome, encouraging everyone to be true to themselves. 

Check out the full chat with Teddy Swims here:

“If your gut and your heart are telling you that you need to do something, if you don't do what you are supposed to do with your life, then you are robbing them of a blessing that only you can give them.”