Joe makes the ultimate Easter Coffee Chocolate Booze Drink

More FM Nights 13/04/2017

After talking about the Easter Egg Mocha, the Easter Bunny Shake, and the Creme Egg Shot - we wondered if it was possible to put all these amazing drinks into one massive ultimate Easter drink.

With a (very large) Easter bunny at hand - see Joe attempt to make the ultimate Easter concoction. (Attempt being the key word here...)


- A hollow chocolate Easter Bunny (maybe not the size we had, with holes in it)
- Milk
- Pre-mixed coffee (ideally, cool it down.)
- Pre-mixed chocolate drink (cooled down).
- Baileys Irish Cream
- A straw (a very long straw if it's a very large Easter bunny)
And if you get to the end - top with whipped cream and sprinkles!