Polly & Grant surprise caring grandparents for Break & Enter Christmas

Polly & Grant 13/12/2019

Christmas can be a tough time of year for many families, so we want to make Christmas super special for one deserving family.

This year, we wanted to surprise the home of Sue and Sam, with a beautiful Christmas tree and tons of gifts from our generous sponsors.

If you'd like to help, send your donations to 
06-0199-0978793-01 (reference More FM Break & Enter).

Dear Polly & Grant,

I would love to nominate Sue and Sam for this year's Break & Enter Christmas. Sue and Sam are an amazing couple who work as cleaners at Porirua College. I’m the Receptionist at Porirua College and at lunchtimes I get to hear about the fantastic sacrifice made for their family.

Sue and Sam are at an age where you should be able to enjoy life and live your best one.

They’ve brought up 10 children of their own and have many grandchildren.  This year they have opened their home to 3 of their grandchildren- Maddison (11), TJ (8) and Levi (7).  

Maddison and TJ are brother and sister and they both have Learning Disabilities. Devastatingly a couple of weeks ago they lost an older sibling to an overdose, their parents are also addicted to drugs and one is in prison. 

Levi has just entered into Sue and Sam's home - his old home life was of similar situation and he also has extreme learning disabilities. 

The struggle for this household is of a financial nature, especially when it comes to feeding and caring for the children. This was made even harder after recently having their home broken into.

This Christmas I would love to be able to treat this amazing family.  They are in need of all of the basics that a lot of us take for granted - like hair care, bathroom essentials, milk, bread, butter, clothing for the kids - the list goes on. They need good healthy food and help with the children's learning disabilities.

These kids have been through a lot in their short lives and deserve to have a special Christmas.  I know that Maddison loves art and dancing - she has a few bits and pieces for art, and she so deserves to go to a dance school - we have been trying to get funding through WINZ for this. TJ loves soccer and we’re trying for funding so he can join the local soccer club.  

I know that Sue and Sam would really appreciate just the reassurance that the community has their back, that they are loved and that they are doing an amazing pure of heart job with the kids even though it's extremely tough. 

They deserve a break, and one Christmas that’s happy, full of laughter and food with a dash of sparkles.

Sue and Sam do the best that they can and work hard at Porirua College as cleaners, and to know that their Christmas just might be saved, and the children could maybe experience a little slice of heaven, gives me HOPE for our community. It takes a village!      

They are just so deserving, selfless and caring.

Please help this family.

Lots of love,