Si & Gary retrieve the mystery object from the wire!

Si & Gary 28/03/2017

If it's a shoe, I'll resign!

That's what Si said after a disagreement with his wife... He is literally putting his career on the line!

While going on a walk with his wife Jodi, Si spotted something mysterious hanging off the power lines.

When Si pointed it out to Jodi, she thought it was an old pair of shoes. But Si's convinced it's old wood over the power lines.

After a heated discussion, Si wants to prove it's definitely not shoes hanging off the line - and in fact he says he'll resign if he's wrong.

The day has finally come, Si has gone to extreme lengths to prove to his wife (and the rest of the team) that he’s right. He even enlisted the help of the Treetech team to help him get an up close look!

So what will it be? A shoe? A piece of wood? Or something else entirely?

The image that started it all...