Is a friendship worth losing for a dream house?

Si & Gary 29/11/2017

We received an interesting e-mail into the Si & Gary inbox recently...

Two friends from the same friend group have both found their dream house, but the catch is it's the same property!

The house is set to go to auction and the issue has already caused some tensions within the group. So where to from here for the friends?

The e-mail read...

"Dear Si and Gary,

As everyone knows this is a stressful time of the year, but I think two of my friends have taken this to the next level. I wont say their names but they are part of a big group of friends and both are looking to move house...

The problem is they have both found their dream house...and its the same one! Ticks all the boxes for both of them and its going to auction next week!

Needless to say things are very tense and each want the other to pull out from bidding, how do we deal with this as friends and what advice (if any) do you give to our mates!"

What advice would you offer to the friends? Should they put family first and go after their dreams, or bow out and let their friend have the happiness?