JMac has named his new family pet after someone on the team

Si & Gary 15/11/2017

Last weekend, JMac (filling for Si) sadly had to put his family dog Stewie down - a very hard thing for any family to go through.

One week on and JMac has decided to get a new dog... Of the exact same breed (Griffon)!

Some members of the team thought it was a bit too soon for him to be getting a new dog, while others didn't see the issue.

But one member of the team in particular might be flattered when they hear that JMac's new dog has been named after them...

JMac's beloved old dog 'Stewie'

Photo credit: More FM

The newest edition to JMac's family... Gary!

Photo credit: More FM

Gary looks adorable JMac (that's not something we ever thought we'd say), we're sure he'll make a great addition to the family.