Sam accuses Lana of openly playing favourites with her cats

The Breakfast Club 13/12/2018

Lana is a proud cat mum to 2 cats - Leaf and Muffanne... But recently, Lana's obsession with Leaf has gone to another level! So Sam decided to confront Lana about it.

Sam reckons that Lana is clearly playing favourites with her cats. Lana posts about Leaf online roughly once every 2 weeks - but we struggled to find a single image of Muffanne from this year!!! To make matters worse, Leaf even has his own Hashtag on Instagram (#LeafOnInsta).

The other day when Sam was at Lana's house she noticed an odd hair cut on Muffanne's tail... Perhaps another sign that Leaf is the clear favourite.

An act of sabotage against her own cat? You be the judge...