Breakfast club hypes Adam up after he gives up on knitting a scarf for Adam

The Breakfast Club 21/03/2022

Adam's recent trip to the knitting store, brought a new passion to start knitting. Here's an update on his knitting journey so far. 

Adam announced that he will knit a scarf for Gary in five days. Tomorrow's the big day and Gary is really excited to receive the scarf. Along with being excited, he is super proud of Adam for taking a challenge and learning a new skill. 

The rest of the crew are as excited but Adam looks a bit guilty as everyone shares how proud they are of him. 

Adam then confesses that he just quit knitting at 1.43 am this morning.

"Maybe that lady in the wool store was right, I can't knit. I'm sorry Gaz but you're gonna go cold this winter. I'm out" he said in a voice recording from 1.43 am. 

The crew hypes him up, followed by Speedy's pep talk and Adam's eyes lit up as he is back on track to get the scarf done.