Lana reads her special letter that she wrote for her son Jay on his first day of school

The Breakfast Club 10/03/2022

Prepare your tissues as you watch this heartfelt tribute from Lana to her stepson Jay.

For Lana, she always thought ‘first day of school’ is all good, until it arrived. She pours everything in her letter written for Jay, a letter any parent can relate to. 

From his excitement about going to school to chasing the local swans together. From their relationship since she held his little hand for the first time to being partners in crime, she wrote it all.

“The hardest part of figuring out now for any parent is thinking about the day that you don’t need to hold our hands as much anymore. And if that is this morning now, I’m okay with it” she said in her letter for Jay.

“But if you are scared to get to the gate this morning and you feel a little bit nervous. Oh my darling, that is perfectly fine.”

Adam definitely teared up and so did we.

You’re a great mum Lana!