Adam's wife, Eve, got a little steamy on set

The Breakfast Club 04/07/2022

Good Grief season 2 has just hit TVNZ+ and Adam's wife Eve popped into the studio to give us the laydown of what to expect this season. 

Adam, the supportive husband that he is, said he got a little emotional while watching the comedy show. 

I was so, so proud, and I couldn't help but cry throughout the season because it's [so good]

However this season there was something new that could have contributed to a different kind of emotion within Adam. Season 2 introduced a new love interest for Eve's character, even going as far as to have an on-screen steamy exchange. 

I told you that day what I was going to be going into film, but I think it's different to sit down and watch it together

Can you imagine sitting down together as a couple to watch your partner 'get it on' with another person, to an international audience! 

Adam even went as far as to admit that the other man was "very good-looking"...

There was a spa scene. There was lots of splashing and then there was a bathroom scene, and the bathroom scene, WOW

Fair to say this would've been a very awkward evening on the couch... no wonder Eve tried to escape to make a cup of tea while it was going down on the screen. 

Check out the video above to see what Adam thought while watching the scene. 
You can catch that scene and all of season 2 of Good Greif now, free on TVNZ+


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