Lana takes her 'Hot Pocket' to the streets

The Breakfast Club 22/06/2022

After Lana won the crown for New Zealand's Next Top Toastie, we gave people around the country the chance to win a morning tea shout of the 'Sweet Hotpocket Toastie' made by the one... the only... Lana Searle! 

The whole team went down (with a little less help from Gary) to Rowley Avenue School to help mass-produce the toastie. Watch the video above to see if the winners were as amazed by Lana's Hot Pocket. 

White Bread
Canned apple
Condensed milk Cinnamon & sugar mix (inside toastie & garnish)
Ice-cream to serve


Missed the journey? Don't worry! Catch our podcast below to hear exactly how Lana whipped Gary & Adam in the judging round, and the...raw ingredient Gary used that might've cost him everything. 

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