Lana’s Chocolate Banana Pastry Puff

The Breakfast Club 20/07/2022

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, Lana has just the thing for you! 

Shh… Can you hear that? It's your sweet tooth. It needs you to make this

The super simple recipe only takes just over 15 minutes to make, and you can chuck it in your air-fryer. 

Side note: Check your air fryer size as you might need to cut the block in half like Lana discovered. 

What you need

  • 1 sheet of Puff pastry 
  • 1 block of chocolate
  • 1 Banana 


  1. Unwrap and place your block of chocolate on the pastry sheet and cut around the block. Be sure to cut the pastry with a small margin around the chocolate. 
  2. Slice your banana in half lengthways and place it on top of your chocolate block. 
  3. With the remaining pastry sheet, slice thin strips and layer them into a pattern on top of the banana. 
  4. Trim any excess from the strips around the edges. 
  5. Using a fork, press down the edges to ensure there are no chocolate leaks.
  6. Place the whole thing inside your air fryer for 15 minutes 

Oh, that's incredible. That should be illegal in at least 14 countries.

Watch Lana make this recipe below

Absolutely mouth-watering. You need to try this today!