The Breakfast Club's $10,000 Gondolathon

The Breakfast Club

More FM's Breakfast Club with Lana, Gary and Adam attempted a NZ radio first! 

It was a Breakfast Club Battle of epic proportions, Lana v Gary v Adam to outwit, outlast and outgondola.

After a LONG 49 hours where they slept, ate, and ran so many Gondola rounds Lana Searle was crowned our Gondolathon winner! Adam followed in second place, and Gary didn't last more than 4 hours into the challenge.

Thanks to everyone who followed our crazy Gondolathon, including all the listeners who visited with support and gifts, the livestream family who watched us for too many hours, and the staff at Christchurch Gondola for letting us live here.

With thanks to our friends at Christchurch Attractions

Highlights from Gondolathon: