Quiz: Which Netball Position Should You Play?


Kiwis have long loved the game of Netball, with local clubs at the heart of communities across the country. Ask any World Cup-winning Silver Fern where their career first started. It's never on the professional netball court; it's on home soil at their local club. Find out where your closest centre is via playnetball.co.nz.

Netball creates opportunities to learn, grow, feel empowered, keep active, find friendships and a community. Centres are the place to be 'scouted' by professionals - it's fostering a community regardless of age, background or gender.

If you walk into one of the 83 netball centres around the country, they provide more than just courts and hoops. They provide access to great resources and equipment, including indoor and outdoor courts that make netball the perfect sport to play all year round. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in a netball community all year round, even if you’ve never played the game. Our netball centres would love your support to keep players young and old involved in the game. Get amongst it!

This article was produced by More FM in association with Netball NZ. Netball is an important part of our communities, no matter where in the country you are, check out playnetball.co.nz for details on how you can get involved.