QUIZ: What kind of communicator are you?


They say communication is key! But key to what?

Understanding your own communication style and the way others communicate can unlock job opportunities, greater communication in relationships and lots of other benefits. So what kind of communicator are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Is your communication primarily Red, Yellow, Green or Blue? Being an effective communicator is a valuable life skill that you can learn and develop whether you’re naturally a social communicator, competitive and results-driven, analytical or encouraging.

Knowing your communication style and being able to identify the communication style of others can help you succeed and create new opportunities, especially in your career. It can also help you understand and connect with others more effectively too. The Learning Wave has an easy quiz to help you discover which of their four communication styles you could be. Try it yourself below!

Now you know your unique style, why not upskill your communication skills and get ready for your next big thing? Sign up for The Learning Wave’s one-hour Communication Styles course to realise your full communication potential. A digital course that you can do at your own pace, it’s perfect for those interested in adapting to different communication styles or improving your management skills.

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