Visitor warns, don't move to NZ if you want a fun life

omg 31/03/2017

A Reddit post roasting New Zealand and warning foreigners against making the move here has ruffled Kiwi feathers. 

User 'SirLordDragon' posted a negative review of New Zealand, in which he claims everything is expensive, and the renowned landscapes get boring after a few years. He did not disclose where he was from.

"You'll be spending your weekends being bored because you've visited every bar in the Viaduct a few times. I guarantee you that that beautiful nature will lose its appeal after 2 years.

"Think hard before moving to NZ from a populous developed country, especially if you enjoy interesting events in your life. Thinking only in terms of salary is short sighted."

The user didn't disclose how long he stayed for, but he did have some support from other Redditors.

"NZ is a great place to live for less than 5 years. But you should only live here long term if you're starting a family or retiring," user 'Sparkentity' wrote. 

But many others were wound up by the review. 'Prettywannapancake', who has lived here for 11 years, says the lifestyle improves.  

"Honestly, there's a lot more access to stuff now than there was [when I moved]. I couldn't even get root beer back then. Life was hard."

'0ddstuff' also had some suggestions, but not a lot of sympathy. 

"Go for a hike. Go sail a boat. Go fishing. Volunteer and do something useful for others. Buy a bicycle and go for a ride. Watch a cricket match.

"If none of this floats your boat, or you can't think of any other things to do other than sculling beers - go back to wherever it is you came from."