Bill English's pizza night splits NZ over use of spaghetti

NZ 05/04/2017

Prime Minister Bill English has shown off his cooking skills -  but it didn't quite get the reception he might have wanted on Facebook.

"Cooked dinner for the family last night - like if you agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza!" Mr English wrote on Facebook, alongside photos of his creations.

One contained a mixture of tinned spaghetti and canned pineapple.

As the pizza dribbled off the pan in the final photo, some commenters expressed their discomfort and disgust.

"Totally agree that spaghetti on pizza is yum... BUT ... Who else has noticed how runny canned spaghetti is nowdays?" said Alison.

Bill was quick to reply to Alison's concerns noting that he "drained off some of the liquid but not quite enough since pizza was a bit soggy in the middle. Goes well with pineapple."

But not everyone was as supportive of Bill's culinary efforts...

"Spaghetti and pineapple. Abomination." Gabriel wrote.

Iain asked "Do you like pineapple on pizza? #BasingMyVotingDecisonOnThis"

Others simply saw the funny side of the whole thing, with one person stating "It comforts me to know I have about the same level of culinary skill as our Prime Minister"

Source: Facebook, Newshub