Dad's embarrassing idea to get his daughter off her phone

funny stuff 26/04/2017

This dad has come up with an embarrassing and hilarious way to get his daughter off of her cellphone!

Each morning on their drive to school, Bradley found that his daughter was paying less attention to the conversations he was trying to have with her and more attention to the her phone.

To get her to engage with him more, Bradley started wearing crazy costumes to school, with the threat that he'd walk her into her class in full get-up if she used her phone...

The costumes changed drastically everyday, one day he might be a doctor...

The next day an odd man with a beard complete with a strange hat...

Bradley told Today that he had the idea when he realised his daughter was embarrassed by his normal clothes. "One morning she was being a typical teenager and said, 'You cannot wear that to school' and all it was was shorts and a t-shirt."

Now Bradley and his daughter spend the entire car trip having conversations and she hasn't once used her phone!

Even though not every parent would be able to go the lengths that Bradley has, it does prove a valuable point that sometimes having a few minutes away from the phone can be a good thing!

Source: Essential Kids