Easter Bunny causes controversy after leaving kids this note

omg 18/04/2017

Santa is well known for his 'naughty and nice' list, but now the Easter Bunny is getting involved in it too... But it hasn't been without controversy. 

Holly, Zach and Jake were gutted to get this message from the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning, without a single chocolate egg in sight - he's even put the kids on notice with Santa...

Photo credit: Facebook: Tracy Elizabeth

The kids were pretty upset by the letter, Holly even took the time to write a reply!

Photo credit: Facebook: Tracy Elizabeth

While some parents have praised the Easter Bunny's hardline approach (saying it will help to teach the kids a valuable lesson), others think he needs to soften up a bit.

What do you think, was the Easter Bunny being too hard?

Source: Metro