Grandma doesn't understand voicemail, leaves hilariously angry message

funny stuff 05/04/2017

Grandparents didn't grow up with cell phones and laptops, so you can't blame them for not understanding how they work.

In this case, you'd think most of them would have at least figured out what a voicemail is, but Joan Almgill from York must only be new to the concept.

The 83-year-old tried to leave a message for her daughter, but confused the voice asking her to leave a message for an operator who wouldn't send her call through.

"I want to speak to my daughter! We could be bloody dying, really, and nobody cares," she says.

"So do you mind putting me through to my daughter's number?"

The video was recorded by Matt Nugent who said "My Grandma is useless with technology. She has a mobile and she's not too sure how it all works with texts."

"It isn't the first voicemail she's left like this, she always asks my mum: 'Who's that woman who answers?' We told her about it but she still doesn't understand!"