Little girl angry at Kmart because they don't do girls' dinosaur undies

we love 24/04/2017

Luna is a little girl from Australia who just wants a new pair of undies with some slick looking dinosaurs on them, because that's what she likes.

Unfortunately, for young girls like Luna, shops likes Kmart don't make girls' dinosaur undies, but she wants to change that.

Taking to Facebook with this video, Luna shows her confusion as she wonders why they don't make the undies for both girls and boys: “Pants. But only for a boy."


Mr shop man, can we get those dinosaur pants, please?

With many arguing against the complaint, the issue has divided the online community.

“I feel like this is creating an issue where there isn’t one, shop where you like, wear what you like,” one mum wrote. “I’m sure Kmart don’t have a gender department that say girls can’t have Dino underwear, it’s supply and demand if they feel the market want it they will supply it.”

Although there are people taking the other side.

“Oh for Christ sake. What difference does it make if they’re labelled boys or girls? My son has bright pink Peppa Pig PJs that he is in love with, he doesn’t know or care whether they’re labelled boys or girls.