Male pets are more likely to break your stuff on purpose

omg 18/04/2017

According to a new study, pets break things ON PURPOSE because they're bored and curious, and a lot of the time the worst culprits tend to swing more towards male pets.

If you've never heard of this happening, you've definitely never had a cat before, and if you keep coming home to your dog ripping up your shoes or chewing on the TV remote, chances are you dog gets really bored when you're at work.

In America, $14.6 million has been spent on fixing damaged devices caused by pets (technology like remotes, phones, tablets, TVs, but not dad's running shoes).

The study found that 63% of pets that like to break stuff are male. Out of those offenders, 55% are more likely to be small and 58% are middle ages.

Chewing was obviously the most common way to destroy your stuff, but knocking some off of a counter, spilling liquid on something, and stepping on it were close behind.

Basically, if you have a small middle-aged pet, who's a male, then that might explain all the broken stuff in your house.