Man surprises wife, announce baby's gender on Graham Norton

we love 14/04/2017

There's no place to announce the gender of your baby, quite like announcing it on The Graham Norton Show!

This week's Red Chair on the Graham Norton Show features a guy who didn't tell his pregnant wife he was coming on the show.

‘I’m here tonight to surprise my beautiful wife Alma," revealed Valerio.

He then explained Alma was pregnant with their first baby but the pair "don’t know yet the gender of the baby".

While he wanted to wait until the baby was born, his wife wanted to know at a "special occasion". So the doctor wrote the gender of their baby down on a piece of paper, and, because Alma loves Graham, Valerio believes "tonight is the best occasion."

And then, as Valerio asks if he can open the paper, Graham decided to pull the lever.

Classic Graham! But don't worry, the whole audience found out eventually.

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