Mum questions whether it's okay to post pics of kids online

omg 18/04/2017

A mum has caused a bit of debate online after asking people if they think it's okay to post pictures of their children online. 

“I’m guilty of posting pics of my young kids on social media, I can’t think of a parent I know who doesn’t." she began.

“Does it ever occur to the parent that one day the kid will grow up, find the photos online of them with food all over their faces/mud in their hair/their first day at school or whatever it might be and be embarrassed?

“Or feel like their privacy was invaded in some way?”

People were pretty evenly split on the issue, but they certainly had strong opinions on both sides of the fence!

“I don’t post pics of my *daughter* and never have. I respect their privacy. I feel sorry for *those kids* whose lives have been made public without their consent or knowledge.” One woman wrote.

Another person agreed, saying that they didn't want their child 'paraded around online'.

Others were less concerned, admitting “I share a few maybe 2 a week so that people can see how she is. It’s no more different to showing someone a photograph."

This user opted for a slightly more blunt approach, saying “I don’t have people on my Facebook who I wouldn’t be happy showing a photograph to.”

What do you think, is it an invasion of privacy to share photos of kids online?

Source: The Sun