Parents share 'creative' punishments they've used on kids

funny stuff 20/04/2017

There's no perfect way to bring up a kid, but theses parent's have opened up about some of the more 'creative' punishments that they've tried on their kids over the years.

While not all of them have worked, it might give you an idea on things that might work for your bunch... Or things to stay well clear of! 

5 Ideas for a creative punishment

  1. "To keep my son's showers short I charged him. 1st 5min was free, every minute
    thereafter was 50c. The fee was deducted from his picket money. It didn't work,
    he just got poor. I reverted to turning off the hotwater which worked great!"
  2. "I have removed the door from the hinges on the bedroom - got sick of her
    slaming doors in a bad mood, worked a treat!"
  3. "My little boy kept telling lies, so I decided to do the same told him we were
    going to Maccas for an ice cream went to the drive through and when they asked
    what we wanted I said nothing. When he cried I said it isn't nice when I lied to
    you was it and his lies stopped."
  4. "When I was 13, my mother used to take my bedroom door and curtains down
    whenever I was punished."
  5. "I took everything out of my kid's room except for the bed, they were only allowed out for food and the toilet!"