Peter Andre causes controversy for letting his kids use gym

goss 20/04/2017

90s pop sensation Peter Andre has been criticised for allowing his young kids to play around in the gym.

The singer uploaded a video to his Instagram account of his 3 children taking part in gym activities, one is lifting weights, one is using a skipping rope and another was seen hiding behind a punching bag.

Peter can be heard in the video saying 'Oh man! My gym has been infiltrated by these two', before adding how much he loves having his kids in the gym with him.

Some of his Instagram followers were quick to criticise his decision to allow his kids inside the gym around all of the heavy equipment.

'They should be running around outside not in a gym....' one follower claimed.

Another added, 'Don't really think the gym is the place for an 11 year old.'

It wasn’t long before the ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer started gaining support however 'Why are people so judgmental! There is nothing wrong with teaching your children how to take care of their bodies.'

Another person praised his actions, saying it was 'Good for the kids get them active!'

Do you think Peter was in the wrong for allowing his kids into the gym?

Source: GoodToKnow